Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010


i have participated on our winter swap in the german blythe forum.
of course it is still a surprise for my swap partner, soooo... i won´t post the outfit yet...
sorry my friends :D
but i´ll give you a little preview, because i really really love the result.

i am not good at sewing dresses many at a time.
i discovered for myself, that if i find a beautiful fabric, i have just a blurry picture in my mind about the result.
starting with making the basics of the dress, the picture is growing and growing and while working on it, it gets clearer step by step.
this method takes a lot of time and makes selling the outfits not really profitable, but in return, i am really satisfied with the results in the end.

i hope my swap partner likes her little presents,
i will probably make a similar of this dress set for our trip to Paris.

furthermore... i have decided, i want Mademoiselle Poulette de Popinet to travel with us!
After all, she has some french family roots!
She is the perfect beauty for this wonderful city,
but yet... i am still afraid to take her with me.
She has just been to expensive and is too precious to just put her in and out the bag.
what do you suggest?
PS: Merry will travel with us anyway ,)


Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010


we finally decided!!
we will go to Paris over New Years Eve, staying there with a friend for 2 1/2 days.
this are going to be some exciting holidays!

now to the tough decisions:
who shall i take with me??
my girls have nothing to wear for that fabulous city...

a beret with little ribbon
fashionable but warm boots
cute, but stylish dress
warm jacket against the cold, preferable with little ribbons again
and of course a suitcase for all the other girly things!!


P.S.: Pluie´s lovely winter dress with cute matryoshka and snowflowers are available in my etsy shop now! it comes together with the little polka-dot party hat. isn´t it cute? ^_^v

Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

*Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Have been to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 this weekend.
i am not the big fan, have actually never read any of the books before, but the movies
where quite nice to watch.
Unfotunately, this time, i didn´t quite get the story.
it has been too long, since i have seen the last HP movie, and i recommend all who aren´t
so familiar with the storyline to do so before.
i feltlike i was missing the linking part to the whole HP world.
the movie itself was quite nice to watch though and i am looking forward to the last part of it.
Here´s the trailer:

Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010


.... asleep..... zzzzz....
i am so tired recently, i don´t know why.
could sleep all day long and it´s so hard to get out of bed.
not because its nicer to cuddle up all warm in the bed on cold
winter days, but because i feel like "Dornröschen" in the Sleeping Beauty.

good night,

Dienstag, 23. November 2010

*Pluie´s new dresses

... no, not really and she is very sad she has to part with them.
They are for my etsy: It´s a Tafetta Day*

i can´t decide which one i like best.
they are all so cute on little Pluie!
Can you see her big smile? :D


Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

*new prototype

i made a new dress for Pluie. It´s just made from leftovers and scratches, yes, even the sewing thread is recylced, hehe.
doesn´t have to look perfect though, it´s just a prototype to get the form for the dresses.

excuse the bad picture quality, it´s already quite late and no daylight left for good photos.

as you can see, she even can move her arms freely now.
It´s important for little babyfrogs to be able to do so, the are all so agile and always up to something.


Dienstag, 16. November 2010


tomomo is the new girl in the house.
she has been adopted from alva, a german blythe friend. tomomo is a My best friend Petit Blythe.
i am really impressed of her. She is very cute and has such soft hair!

i made a new little dress set, which is available at my etsy store: It´s a Tafetta Day*
tomomo is very happy she can model for it and is having a lot of fun :D

great outfit to go out and do some shopping!

the little beret can also be turned inside out and worn as cute little hat! ..

It´s a 4 piece dress set and comes with
cute crochet beret, can be turned around and used as hat also
ribbon for the hair,

don´t miss it! :)


Montag, 15. November 2010

*blythe meeting

bonita came for a short visit to Munic, so we met at town for a coffee and some shopping and strolling through the city with our girls in the morning.

we met those two guys advertising in front of some shop.
they were so funny!

bonita enjoys climbing in her free time.
The girls do too!! hehe
(i think Lele is more afraid than excited, lol)

indoor climbing wall in our local sports shop.

yep, this is us two. bonita has a much better picture with us and our girls,
mine is a little bit blurry.

last but not least, we went for some fabric and lace shopping!
found some lovely and soft cotton fabrics for doll sewings :D

Thanks for the lovely day bonita!
i really enjoyed it! :)


Sonntag, 14. November 2010

*postcrossing HK

big card, lots of space, but only one little written on it.
a little bit dissappointing.
however, lovely postcard.

i decided also i won´t sent out any postcards anymore to people who do not give their full name out.
i have several expired cards because people only write their nickname or only first or name on the adress tag. it´s always sad to see the cards expire, after i put so much effort on choosing, thinking, writing on the card and even pay money for it and people don´t take it seriously. makes me sad.

this turned out to be quite a negative post huh....


Samstag, 13. November 2010

*in between the fog...

... there lies a world full of wonders

i had the chance to join this world for just a few hours.
it was amazing! surreal! wonderful! brilliant! true magic!
i wish i could be theresometime in the future again


cirque eloize - nebbia

Sonntag, 7. November 2010

*with love

from Mademoiselle de Popinet

though she can get quite grumpy looking too if she doesn´t feel comfortable in a situation ... lol


*now watching

dissaster movie, i guess, just started


new postcards arrived:
from Florida, USA

from Poland

from Taiwan

stamps from:
USA, Taiwan, Poland (from top to bottom)

recently watched:

nice lovestorie and the girl is really cute,
though "Mr.Perfect" is quite some a... in the beginning.
that 20-something boy wants to teach women sth about love? c´mon!

like living in a love story comic book. fun to watch, but the ending is more than stupid and dissappointing.


Montag, 1. November 2010

*I´m a cyborg but that´s ok

... no, not me.... although...
if i would be, i wouldn´t tell you! Secret ,)

ok, i am talking about this korean movie...
quite crazy, but that´s what makes it so great and fun to watch。。。
Getting a little long throughout part 8 to 10 but the ending is so funny and great...

*fine! I'll admit it! last night I stole thursday.
*how can a person steal thursday?
*look! thursday´s panties are missing!

*more than our socks are wet.


Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

*need your advise!

Hello my friends and fellow zakka designers!

i have a question about a problem i recently had with a customer.
i sold one of my dresses, but didn´t recieve the payment.

first i waited a few days, then sent an invoice and kindly remembered
to finish the payment transaction on paypal, so that i can sent the item
out (which was already packed and labeled).
i never recieved an answer. so i waited a little longer... who knows,
maybe internet broke down or something happened. more than 2 weeks later and still without payment, i sent out a second invoice with some kind remembering words.
no message back.
so over after over 4 weeks waiting i sent out the last remembering invoice and also told that i can´t leave positive feedback.

Here we go!... short msg recieved:
"sorry, but I have miss-ordered this. I have a petite Blythe."
not only, that i have many (and i think quite lovely) petit dresses for sale,
i just think that´s not a correct way. The customer could just have told me earlier,
no problem than.
but after over 4 weeks of waiting,
it´s was a very dissappointing experience for me.
i put a lot of work and love in that special dress and all my heart hangs on my little creations.

so, what to do?
i haven´t sent out the dress of course without recieving payment.... but:

should i just leave it with that and cancel the transaction?
or should i give her negative feedback and cancel the transaction?

i am not a person who wants to harm others, but i just feel that was the wrong way from her to handle it.

any comments on that? please! :)


Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

*botanical garden

we had a great day at the botanical garden in bremen.
entrance fee was regularly 8 Euros, which seems to be kinda expensive, but we managed to get into it for student prices which costs us only 5 Euros per person. It was worth every penny! there where huge glass houses with waterfalls, several garden themes and land scenerys and you could see how much work and love they put into it.

Babette Bubbles had a lot of fun hanging around there.
not quite sure anymore what the little glitters on the wall where supposed to tell us, i think it demonstrated the differend kind of forests on the world, and there was a huge wind machine in front of it.

Babette: "wohoo...."
there where so many paintings on the stones, this one really was amazing!

they even had a butterfly garden inside. Mr. P and me visited several butterfly gardens in the past already. Everytime at least one! is landing on Mr. P´s shoulders. This one really enjoyed sitting there, it didn´t fly away for a while even though we walked around all the time.

Babette: "why!? it is supposed to land on me!!"
In the evening, we went to Bremer Freimark.
Took a ride on the old "Krinoline" with Babette Bubbles.



newest additions:
from USA





Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

*petit rockstar

i was not sure about her in the first.... now, i think she is adorable! Very photogenic,
she is my Petit Rock Star!

I also made a new dress set for long walks in the woods!
it is happy ladybug fabric i used (from H&M childrens section).
Akane, the red deer, will show us around.
She is at home in the deep forests

dresses available at the etsy:


Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

*happy days/ bananalicious ♥

this is what i found on our bananas this morning.
i so do lo~ve bananas! They sweeten up my life!

music: Kylie Minogue - All the lovers

ok, i am not quite sure about all those half nacked kissing and hugging people in this video, but i love the song and the white elefant floating in the air!


Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2010

*etsy shop tags

i just created this tag for my etsy shop orders with PSP.
Up till now, i drew them all by hand when i recieved an order from
a customer. I actually enjoy drawing them, but it´s just so time consuming.
So i decided to make some printables for the computer.
I am quite satisfied so far, let´s see how it looks on paper.


Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010


Josefine is a very shy little bear. Usually she is hiding in the woods. you can only spot her if you find her red ribbon on the head.
Today, she came by for a little visit.
Such a lucky day!

She has a little belly, don´t tease her with it, she will get very sad if you do.
She likes yummy mushrooms and berries so much!

*Needlefelted with the wool i got last weekend from the local farmers wool market :)


Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010

*weekend (2)

This weekend our local farmers wool and pottery market took place in my village. i go there every year, they sell the lovliest handmade stuff and selfspun and died wool. plus: you can find many great ideas to make for yourself too. this is my little loot for this year. i love the sheep skin room shoes. they are so soft and keep your feet warm on cold autumn and winter days.

as i told you lately, Mr.P and me went on a little mushroom hunt in the woods.
we found many lovely and intersting growing ones, unfortunately, we found only one mushroom, that was edible. we were a little bit late, someone else already found the good ones.
so in the evening, we made a little sauce for the steak out of this single mushroom. it gave the whole meal a fine flavor.

it sure would be interesting to search for the names of all these mushrooms.
meanwhile we better let them be and only took what we know for sure can be eaten.

this one landed on our plates. it is a bay bolete, or a Maronenröhrling

we also had a little guest who rested on our car in the sun :)

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