Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

*botanical garden

we had a great day at the botanical garden in bremen.
entrance fee was regularly 8 Euros, which seems to be kinda expensive, but we managed to get into it for student prices which costs us only 5 Euros per person. It was worth every penny! there where huge glass houses with waterfalls, several garden themes and land scenerys and you could see how much work and love they put into it.

Babette Bubbles had a lot of fun hanging around there.
not quite sure anymore what the little glitters on the wall where supposed to tell us, i think it demonstrated the differend kind of forests on the world, and there was a huge wind machine in front of it.

Babette: "wohoo...."
there where so many paintings on the stones, this one really was amazing!

they even had a butterfly garden inside. Mr. P and me visited several butterfly gardens in the past already. Everytime at least one! is landing on Mr. P´s shoulders. This one really enjoyed sitting there, it didn´t fly away for a while even though we walked around all the time.

Babette: "why!? it is supposed to land on me!!"
In the evening, we went to Bremer Freimark.
Took a ride on the old "Krinoline" with Babette Bubbles.



  1. With the hair up, Babette looks just like a high fashion model!

  2. pls don´t tell her that, Jane! Elsewise she is demanding some high fashion design clothes! haha


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