Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

*need your advise!

Hello my friends and fellow zakka designers!

i have a question about a problem i recently had with a customer.
i sold one of my dresses, but didn´t recieve the payment.

first i waited a few days, then sent an invoice and kindly remembered
to finish the payment transaction on paypal, so that i can sent the item
out (which was already packed and labeled).
i never recieved an answer. so i waited a little longer... who knows,
maybe internet broke down or something happened. more than 2 weeks later and still without payment, i sent out a second invoice with some kind remembering words.
no message back.
so over after over 4 weeks waiting i sent out the last remembering invoice and also told that i can´t leave positive feedback.

Here we go!... short msg recieved:
"sorry, but I have miss-ordered this. I have a petite Blythe."
not only, that i have many (and i think quite lovely) petit dresses for sale,
i just think that´s not a correct way. The customer could just have told me earlier,
no problem than.
but after over 4 weeks of waiting,
it´s was a very dissappointing experience for me.
i put a lot of work and love in that special dress and all my heart hangs on my little creations.

so, what to do?
i haven´t sent out the dress of course without recieving payment.... but:

should i just leave it with that and cancel the transaction?
or should i give her negative feedback and cancel the transaction?

i am not a person who wants to harm others, but i just feel that was the wrong way from her to handle it.

any comments on that? please! :)



  1. *Tea I'm sorry this happened to you! I would never proceed on an order without receiving any payment. You should do what you feel is right and just. This was my lesson: I had a customer in S'pore order 15 bags from me and after I'd made 3 to give to her, she simply said she'd changed her mind! I did not collect any deposit from her and I was so mad but I just accepted it. But I regret not telling her off because I still feel so cheated.

  2. thanks jane! i am still unsecure ....

  3. *Tea, tut mir leid, es zu hören :( Manche Leute sind leider nicht ehrlich genug mit sich selber.

    Wie sind ihre alten Feedbacks? Wenn sie schon schlechte hat, dann ist ja alles klar, brauchst Du keinen Senf mehr dazu zu tun. Wenn nicht - jede macht mal einen Fehler. Relist, schreibt Etsy zu "cancel"n. Warte bis alles geklärt ist - Gebühr zurück, Kleidchen weg von Deiner "sold items". Danach kannst Du ihr nochmals schreiben, um zu berichten dass Du gecancelt hast, jedoch sehr enttäuscht bist und warum das so ist. Du kannst nur hoffen, dass es ihr dann zu Bedenken gibt, dass hinter einen Artikel auch ein Mensch mit Gefühlen dahinter steckt und dass sie es nie wieder macht.


  4. Sorry to hear of your troubles :( I've had a couple of difficult customers on Etsy too. People tend to ask me to make custom things and then when I complete them and list them (spending money on not only supplies, but also listing!) they back out, saying that they can't afford it right then and they'll pay for it next week, but then they never do buy it. When things like this happen, I try to be nice and understanding about it, but it's still very rude to commission someone and then not buy what you had them make. Hopefully someone else will buy those items :)

    If she really mis-ordered it, I would just cancel the order and leave it alone. It was wrong of her to leave you hanging for so long. It's tempting to leave negative feedback when people frustrate you and are rude about what they are doing, but I think it's always good just to move on.

  5. thanks for your advices and thoughts about that topic my friends!

    at the end...i only relisted and canceled the order. it makes not much sense to me leaving neg. feedback, because that would not be a much better way to react than she did.
    i always felt that our community of blyhte fans is very small and family like and that people appreciate and respect the works of others. having experienced now, that not everybody is thinking that way, is what actually makes me really sad about the whole story.


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