Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010

*weekend (2)

This weekend our local farmers wool and pottery market took place in my village. i go there every year, they sell the lovliest handmade stuff and selfspun and died wool. plus: you can find many great ideas to make for yourself too. this is my little loot for this year. i love the sheep skin room shoes. they are so soft and keep your feet warm on cold autumn and winter days.

as i told you lately, Mr.P and me went on a little mushroom hunt in the woods.
we found many lovely and intersting growing ones, unfortunately, we found only one mushroom, that was edible. we were a little bit late, someone else already found the good ones.
so in the evening, we made a little sauce for the steak out of this single mushroom. it gave the whole meal a fine flavor.

it sure would be interesting to search for the names of all these mushrooms.
meanwhile we better let them be and only took what we know for sure can be eaten.

this one landed on our plates. it is a bay bolete, or a Maronenröhrling

we also had a little guest who rested on our car in the sun :)


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  1. Love the photos it is good to see that you can get to some nice wooded area! I always find it a place to think...love the photos of the funguys (I know I spelled it wrong) nature and plants are so great! love the big moth on your car what great colours on it...
    cute and warm slippers I think I need to break down and get a pair of my own.
    Good to hear you and Mr.P had such a great weekend makes me hope it quits raining so I can go out for a walk in the woods just hope I do not run into a bear!


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