Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010


Tasmin and Oda, two 17 y/o girls from Wolfratshausen near Munich: TUÓ
featured on on3 Startrampe


  1. They both have great legs!!
    Well there voices are great they almost seem older and command your attention.....So nice to hear much better then young people with auto tune put to max as so many produce artist and groups are made to make money...thanks for helping me to find more real music to listen too!

  2. lol, Jamie, i recognized that too! haha!
    i like their music and the first video. It´s the landscape, lakes and fields i have grown up with.
    and i love their natural voices and styles.
    it´s a real pleasure to listen to them, while seeing so many made up bands are getting casted on tv everyday.

  3. PS: i miss the reply function from VOX a lot here :(


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