Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010


Josefine is a very shy little bear. Usually she is hiding in the woods. you can only spot her if you find her red ribbon on the head.
Today, she came by for a little visit.
Such a lucky day!

She has a little belly, don´t tease her with it, she will get very sad if you do.
She likes yummy mushrooms and berries so much!

*Needlefelted with the wool i got last weekend from the local farmers wool market :)



  1. Oh, squeal!!!! So adorable!

  2. Josefine is adorable esp that expression on the face!

  3. oh! thanks so much both!
    so glad you like her. haven´t done needlefelting for ages! :D

  4. too cute love how it looks!


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