Freitag, 8. Oktober 2010

*Pluie learning mushrooms

dress #3 for petit *Pluie

the big ribbon in the middle was inspired by a dress i have seen on a chinese tourist who visited our little shop lately. it was so cute looking, i should have ask her if i could take a picture of her dress.

*Pluie seems to like this one a lot! Now, she is learning about mushrooms as you can see. We plan to go to pick some mushrooms on the weekend. hope we will be lucky and find some.

i love the fabric pattern on this fabric. i can already see a cute little fall dress for Petit Blythes made of it. no time for sewing this weekend though. Mr. P is coming by and we already have a lot of plans.


1 Kommentar:

  1. It's a cute dress esp the bow. *Pluie doesn't seem to show any expression about it. Maybe she's holding it in! Hmmm.. I can't imagine a grown-up wearing a giant bow on a dress tho'.


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