Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

*Finja the traveling blythe

This month i had a very special guest around me for two weeks.
Let me introduce Finja: Germanys traveling Blythe to you.
it was a good choice to visit Mr.P with her, so we came around quite alot...
We enjoyed late summer sun in the garden...
 We visited the "Ivenacker Oaks", which are some of the oldest trees in europe. the big oak you see in the picture is about 1000 years old and still growing.....
we took a few walks in the "Weser Bergland" which is the landscape around Hannover city.
 we visited Mr.P.s workplace....
 came back to Munich, Bavaria and enjoyed "Oktoberfest".....Isn´t she cute with her bavarian "Dirndl"?
 She also came to see "Salzburg", beautiful city in Austria and hometown of "Mozart"
 yes,.... we will miss her.... but there are still many places to see for her...


Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

*happy mailday

One lovely pomponette hat and a new Family member!... Her name: Grenouille :D
 (which is french and means... guess what? ... Frog! yes... another french named girl)
You really can´t tell her colour exactly from the picture.
She is green. light green. bright green. very bright green.  :D
maybe my Nikon and some daylight will be able to catch her colour.


Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

*sentimental mood

staring out of the window... what might Miss Marple be thinking about...

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