Dienstag, 22. März 2011

*hard working

little Fortune Wanda Pluie discovered the Computer. But i wonder if she understands what she is doing there?

anyway, hard work deserves some special treats. I didn´t know froggies like Pizza too though ^_^;

"Yay, tis all for me!"

oh well, she´s just too cute to resist or deny her wishes.
And she needs a little sister soon!


Montag, 21. März 2011

*the garden is taking over

i started early this year with the vegetable growing. So now, my bathroom looks like a jungle, no place to walk anymore.

you see tomatoes, zucchinis, and not in the picture even more tomatoes and eggplants
well, you see that´s basically what i grow every year.
But this year i am specially proud of the lovely little plants you see in the picture below. Guess what it is?

It´s little Lavender sprouts! Years ago, i collected many many seeds from different Lavender plants from neighbours, our own garden, people i don´t even know. To be honest, i never believed there would grow something out of it, so i just forgot about it. This year i thought i just should give it a try. And isn´t it amazing how many and fast they were growing? I am really surprised and can´t wait to pique every single of them in their own little pot and see them growing to a plant.
This is going to be an exciting experiment :)


Samstag, 19. März 2011

*mail day

today was a lucky little day. i recieved a wonderful package full of loveliness.
last month, Ooty held a giveaway on her blog where you could win some of her lovely ceramic creations. I still can´t believe i draw the lucky number.
the little cloud and two little ghosties are the official part of the Giveaway and she even added an extra Extra inside! How fabulous! And everything was so well packed. Now, i am a little sad i didn´t take any pictures before unpacking everything, but well.... couldn´t wait....hehe
I will put the little house amongst my flower board in the bathroom, i think it would look so darling there.
Thanks again for this wonderful chance Ooty! :)
You can find Ooty´s blog here: http://ootycoil.blogspot.com/
and her etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ooty


Dienstag, 15. März 2011

*Wonderfrog All-in-One-Piece

Today, i made this cute All-in-One-Piece/Trousers/Salopette
This is only a prototype made out of felt and some ribbons and lace but i already love it so much. And Merry loves bright summer colours!

You see, Pluie got a tiny little new skirt. it´s fitting her very well.

With new clothes, Merry and Pluie went out and took a walk.


*Japan Earthquake and Tzunami

although life here goes on nearly as always, something has changed.
I feel deep sympathy for all those who suffered under the big Tzunami wave in Miyagi prefecture. So many people lost their life and those who survived have no home to return.
After the terrible earthquake around Tokyo area i have been very worried about my friends and family there. I was glad to hear, everybody was safe.
Now, after the earthquake, news about the nuclear power stations seem to be so contradictory, bad news seem to appear every counting hour and the situation itself out of control.

I hope everybody takes the right actions now. And also my small life here goes on, my thoughts and feelings are with my friends, family and people of Japan.
Please take care!!!


Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

*Yukari - Pyon Pyon Odeco

Hi my friends. I am so excited to finally introduce Yukari to you! She is my first Odeco girl and i am really surprised how photogenic these dolls are. At first i thought i wouldn´t be able to bond with her, but after dressing her up, this girl makes my dolls wishlist growing again.

i made her this little strawberry chocolate cute outfit yesterday and she loves it. What do you think about the little hat? It is supposed to be some kind of strawberry chocolate candy but it might be took for sth else....haha
maybe adding some brown chocolate from below of the hat too would change this feeling?


*shopping cuteness

eep... aren´t they cute? i love sheep! i couldn´t resist.
two egg cups and salt and pepper shakers. a little fun for the easter table.

this little cactus candle is now holding it´s place between all my other cacti in my bathroom.
spent money for cuteness: ~ 3,50 Euro *thumbs up*


Dienstag, 1. März 2011


new postcards in February.
guess which one are my favorites? :)

(hint: there are two!)

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