Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

*Yukari - Pyon Pyon Odeco

Hi my friends. I am so excited to finally introduce Yukari to you! She is my first Odeco girl and i am really surprised how photogenic these dolls are. At first i thought i wouldn´t be able to bond with her, but after dressing her up, this girl makes my dolls wishlist growing again.

i made her this little strawberry chocolate cute outfit yesterday and she loves it. What do you think about the little hat? It is supposed to be some kind of strawberry chocolate candy but it might be took for sth else....haha
maybe adding some brown chocolate from below of the hat too would change this feeling?



  1. Yukari has such cute little lips. She looks Asian! You're right - a brown trim on the hat will do the trick.

  2. She is the first Odeco girl I have seen. She looks so cute and kind! I like her hair. And the outfit you made is cute too!

  3. hey tea!

    I found u! How are u ? How's everything? Remember me?
    I am shuduck candycake...the girl obsessed with dolls and an art teacher as well..our blogs closed down and we were all forced to change our home's been ages! I stumbled upon some blogs and found ya! ^_^

    I have a new blog as well:

    Keep in touch! Do you have facebook? Do add me :

    Tk care!

  4. @JaneP: ha! i thought so too! it´s her lips and bottom shape of face i think :) yep, i will do the little extra work.... soon

    @Kati: Odecos are so different to Blythe. But cute in their own way. Thanks a lot :)

    @shu: Yes Yes!! Of course i remember!! It´s so sad to have lost all contacts after VOX giving up, i am so glad YOU found ME!! Have added you to my contact list now :)


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