Samstag, 19. März 2011

*mail day

today was a lucky little day. i recieved a wonderful package full of loveliness.
last month, Ooty held a giveaway on her blog where you could win some of her lovely ceramic creations. I still can´t believe i draw the lucky number.
the little cloud and two little ghosties are the official part of the Giveaway and she even added an extra Extra inside! How fabulous! And everything was so well packed. Now, i am a little sad i didn´t take any pictures before unpacking everything, but well.... couldn´t wait....hehe
I will put the little house amongst my flower board in the bathroom, i think it would look so darling there.
Thanks again for this wonderful chance Ooty! :)
You can find Ooty´s blog here:
and her etsy:


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