Donnerstag, 28. April 2011


 Today, i recieved this really beautiful easter flower bouquet.

i have found this video on another blog.
Just as she said: lean back and enjoy.
Fantastic pictures and beautiful music.
seeing this reminds me of how precious this little island in the universe is. We should treasure it more.

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.


Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

*Toysfield KUMA

Kuma lives already for quite a while in our little family.
She is a Toysfield Kuma. I was really surprised, how flexible these dolls are. It´s so much fun looking at her sweet face and pose her! There are endless possibilities it seems! And because of her big feet, she is able to even stand on her own on only one leg.
She reminds me of little *Pluie > always happy face, always smiling :)
Resumee: These dolls are really adorable. ^_^; I am smitten.
a few weeks ago, we took her on a trip to the Staffelsee where Mr. P and I took a nice walk around the lake (well, nearly).

music: Marina Venache - Tout me revient

Tout me revient from Yannick Puig on Vimeo.

i love the Video by Yannick Puig
never stop dreaming when looking up into the clouds.


Dienstag, 26. April 2011

*Wanda and Middie dresses

after a long break it seems for me, i finally crotcheted two new dresses for the shop.
 They are fully crotched, fit to slip in with no closure in the back.

 made for Wonderfrog, i figured out they fit Middie Blythe quite well too!
The blue ribbon is recyled rement ribbon attached with fabric glue. i thought something was missing on the dress until i found them. i only had two of them, so this will be only two dresses with them.
Hope you like them, they will be listed in the shop this evening.
 one week left before university starts again. planning to make a few more etsy listings.
will keep you updated.


Dienstag, 5. April 2011

*Strawberry & Cream Cute

 Last week, a new blythe arrived. She is a cooperation between Junie Moon & Emily Temple Cute.
 This is her still in box. i love the packing.

Her outfit is really cute. i like the blue navy stripes with cute strawberry skirt. What you can´t see in the pictures, she has a really bright light blue eyeshadow. Beautiful!
She also has special eyechips and long eyelashes like Dear Lele Girl.

I decided for me, this will be my last Neo Blythe from Takara. I have to stop lurcking the news section. I don´t want any more Blythe dolls. i feel i have enough. I have a big dolls family now and i am happy with them, but i feel like i am bonding less with every new girl coming into. i want to spent more time with them. It is not possible if they are too many. So, this girl will be my last one.
I still want a Kenner in my family and a Kozy, but this are only plans for the future. I will go slowly with buying Blythe dolls now.
I don´t want to only look at them and see them standing in the bookshelfs, i want them to be characters who come out and play with me. By not buying any more new Blythe dolls , I can treasure my dolls family more from now on :)

Her name is Haruko. Because she is the girl who came in spring :)




from ukraine: one of my favorites because she really put so much effort in her writing!
 from The Netherlands:
 from Idaho:
 from The Netherlands
 from Czech Reublic
 from poland:
 from russia:

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