Dienstag, 5. April 2011

*Strawberry & Cream Cute

 Last week, a new blythe arrived. She is a cooperation between Junie Moon & Emily Temple Cute.
 This is her still in box. i love the packing.

Her outfit is really cute. i like the blue navy stripes with cute strawberry skirt. What you can´t see in the pictures, she has a really bright light blue eyeshadow. Beautiful!
She also has special eyechips and long eyelashes like Dear Lele Girl.

I decided for me, this will be my last Neo Blythe from Takara. I have to stop lurcking the news section. I don´t want any more Blythe dolls. i feel i have enough. I have a big dolls family now and i am happy with them, but i feel like i am bonding less with every new girl coming into. i want to spent more time with them. It is not possible if they are too many. So, this girl will be my last one.
I still want a Kenner in my family and a Kozy, but this are only plans for the future. I will go slowly with buying Blythe dolls now.
I don´t want to only look at them and see them standing in the bookshelfs, i want them to be characters who come out and play with me. By not buying any more new Blythe dolls , I can treasure my dolls family more from now on :)

Her name is Haruko. Because she is the girl who came in spring :)



  1. hello!
    she is lovely isn t she? How many blythes do you have then? But I think you are right, I think it is better not too have too many then you can interact with them.

  2. I love Haruko. Her eyes matches her hair!

  3. Your new doll is super adorable. I think I love small families better for just the reason you said... it's more fun to bond with each girl and appreciate what you already have instead of acquiring a lot just to get more dolls!

  4. お迎えおめでとうございます!はるこちゃん可愛い名前ですね^^

  5. I love your new girl,too.My youngest daughter (http://myblythedollasarepretty.blogspot.com) has been wanting her since she heard she was coming out,but it will probably be a long time before we can get her.She is as cute as she looked in the drawing,but even cuter in real life with beautiful hair. :) She looks like a girl that likes to have fun!Congrats!


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