Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

*Toysfield KUMA

Kuma lives already for quite a while in our little family.
She is a Toysfield Kuma. I was really surprised, how flexible these dolls are. It´s so much fun looking at her sweet face and pose her! There are endless possibilities it seems! And because of her big feet, she is able to even stand on her own on only one leg.
She reminds me of little *Pluie > always happy face, always smiling :)
Resumee: These dolls are really adorable. ^_^; I am smitten.
a few weeks ago, we took her on a trip to the Staffelsee where Mr. P and I took a nice walk around the lake (well, nearly).

music: Marina Venache - Tout me revient

Tout me revient from Yannick Puig on Vimeo.

i love the Video by Yannick Puig
never stop dreaming when looking up into the clouds.


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