Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

*weekend fun

some impressions from last weekend.

hope you had some great time too!
unfortunately, this weekend will be work :(


Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

*new girls in the house

hello hello!!

today, please let me introduce my new girls to you!! :)
it is my long awaited Macaron Q-Tea Party Middie Blythe!

Her name is *Miu Miu after Miu Miu by Prada, because i love Miu Miu bags and designs so much!
She finally arrived here after over three month.
When she was sent out in the end of october she arrived Frankfurt/Germany in 2 days, but from there, I had lots of troubles finding her again, as she seemed to got lost by german post/dhl in the middle of the way, in the middle of germany. it was a very dissappointing experience. i made many phonecalls, of course no fee-free numbers, had to tell my story again and again because everytime someone different was on the phone.
in the end, she was sent back to Junie Moon (hello? why not sending to me?) and Junie Moon sent her back to me a second time.
Junie Moon on the other hand, was of great help. Always fast with answers and doing everything to help.
Now she is finally here and i am totally smitten by her.
Her little face is like little biscuit milk porcelain, very shiny, very "doll-like". She has the cutest little outfit coming with her.her eyelashes are compared to neo-blythe very long and she can only move her eyes like pullips from left to right and back. but the eyemech is, instead of pullips, easier to control.
you can easily hold her in your palm of one hand and it makes me feel like holding a very breakable and precious creature in my hand.

the second girl already arrived at the end of last year, but i didn´t have the time to take some pictures yet. She is my Vinter Arden called *Milka

we have heavy snow fall again since 2 days and i couldn´t hold her back to get out and have some fun finally. she waited so long for it and snow is the element she loves most.

*Tea (*Miu Miu and *Milka)

Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

*Blythe Winter Outfit

i have been so busy since the new year started, i even didn´t have the time to take some pictures. *sight*
so i just share some old things i thought :)
This outfit was made for our German Blythe forum, you have already seen a little preview of it.
i used handspun gingham chequed fabric in lovely reds and browns. a huge white lace makes the apron and the big shoulder scarf. i love the pure and lovely white of it, it reminds me of the snow.
The little christmastree pendant on the bag is removable. i wanted the outfit to be able to wear all winter through and not only for the short time of christmas season.

have i shared my recieved swap with you already? i don´t think so!

it included not even some lovely dresses plus Pommecopine coat (Loulou was wearing in Paris did you recognize it? ,) but also those lovely Petit Blythe dresses (yay!), a sweet christmas card, lots of vintage buttons for crafting and a cute little Ddung keychain! Don´t forget the lovely little deer blanket you see beneath everything! i got so spoiled, haha :)
the Ddung keychain is a little bit larger than *Piu, you can´t open her hair and the clothes are glued on (what a shame!) but she´s really adorable too!
i haven´t participated in any swaps for quite some time and nearly forgot how fun they can be!


Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

*snail mail day

i got some lovely mail in my mailbox recently. some belated Happy Holiday Season wishes from Pen, a good customer and most lovely petit blythe friend.
Thanks so much! i was really overwhealmed, the handmade card and even the envelope is toooo cute to hide!!

second card is from a good and long term friend from Japan. we haven´t heard from each other for quite some while now, so i was specially happy to recieve a message from her :D

i also got some lovely new postcrossing postcards. here are the latest two i recieved on friday, plus a bunch of cards-from my favorite german illustrators-i bought yesterday to sent out soon.

i looove snail mail!


Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

*Welcome 2011

Welcome 2011 and HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends :)
so, this is the first post of the new year. what will it be about? i still have some unfinished things to share from last year but, let´s start the new year with fresh greetings from Loulou and Merry from Paris!

It were some fabulous 2 days. we stayed at a friends house and so we had a handsome guide to tour us around Parisienne nightlife too :D Of course, two days are never enough for that huge city. we just walked around a little bit and watched all the famous spots from the outside. i couldn´t believe how crowded Paris is from all the tourists. Not one single place where you don´t have to wait at least about 1 hour to enter. O_o
Unfortunately, we were not lucky with the weather. The city was wrapped in a grey fog all time long and the only day we could see the Eiffel Tower in its full beauty was the first day in the morning. from then the half top was hidden under the fog. It was a great idea then to wait until the evening to climb Eiffel tower and see the city´s beautiful lights from the second level.
We will come back in Spring or Autumn next year! i want to see the city all in green!

Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011!
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