Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

*Blythe Winter Outfit

i have been so busy since the new year started, i even didn´t have the time to take some pictures. *sight*
so i just share some old things i thought :)
This outfit was made for our German Blythe forum, you have already seen a little preview of it.
i used handspun gingham chequed fabric in lovely reds and browns. a huge white lace makes the apron and the big shoulder scarf. i love the pure and lovely white of it, it reminds me of the snow.
The little christmastree pendant on the bag is removable. i wanted the outfit to be able to wear all winter through and not only for the short time of christmas season.

have i shared my recieved swap with you already? i don´t think so!

it included not even some lovely dresses plus Pommecopine coat (Loulou was wearing in Paris did you recognize it? ,) but also those lovely Petit Blythe dresses (yay!), a sweet christmas card, lots of vintage buttons for crafting and a cute little Ddung keychain! Don´t forget the lovely little deer blanket you see beneath everything! i got so spoiled, haha :)
the Ddung keychain is a little bit larger than *Piu, you can´t open her hair and the clothes are glued on (what a shame!) but she´s really adorable too!
i haven´t participated in any swaps for quite some time and nearly forgot how fun they can be!



  1. It is so sweet you made matching bag and hair accessories! I have a Korean doll which has the outfit glued on too! So you can see why I don't play with it.

  2. love your blog! and your dolls!

  3. That outfit is amazing, I love it. And the swap is amazing too!

  4. I have found your blog on Kati and your blog is neat!I love the outfit!My 2 favorite countries are Germany and Finland b/c I have try finland candy and its good,Germany b/c I would love to speak in German.Your doll is pretty! :)

  5. oh i really in love with this blythe hair color... love it so much :)


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