Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010


i have participated on our winter swap in the german blythe forum.
of course it is still a surprise for my swap partner, soooo... i won´t post the outfit yet...
sorry my friends :D
but i´ll give you a little preview, because i really really love the result.

i am not good at sewing dresses many at a time.
i discovered for myself, that if i find a beautiful fabric, i have just a blurry picture in my mind about the result.
starting with making the basics of the dress, the picture is growing and growing and while working on it, it gets clearer step by step.
this method takes a lot of time and makes selling the outfits not really profitable, but in return, i am really satisfied with the results in the end.

i hope my swap partner likes her little presents,
i will probably make a similar of this dress set for our trip to Paris.

furthermore... i have decided, i want Mademoiselle Poulette de Popinet to travel with us!
After all, she has some french family roots!
She is the perfect beauty for this wonderful city,
but yet... i am still afraid to take her with me.
She has just been to expensive and is too precious to just put her in and out the bag.
what do you suggest?
PS: Merry will travel with us anyway ,)



  1. I had no idea blythe is so popular it has a forum. I would love to buy one but it seems so extravagant seeing how I've 2 kids and it feels frivolous to spend on a doll than on them. My friend Janet let me play with her Blythe at Maad and they're so cute. I'm happy Merry is going to Paris with you. She does great poses!

  2. The preview looks SO cute!

  3. Die Farben harmonieren so schön. Bin gespannt, das ganze Outfit zu sehen und den Reisebericht zu lesen. Ich wünsche Euch viel Spass in Paris und einen guten Rutsch!


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