Dienstag, 23. Februar 2010

*Petit Spring Flowers

The sun is coming out, the snow is fading, the birds are back....
you can scent and feel the spring in the air.

time for new Spring dresses for the Petits!

available at the etsy: It´s a Tafetta Day*


in the meanwhile, still in winter (it was sooooooo cold, that we had to make a stop at the botanical garden just to warm us up)... Mr. P and me made a short Valentine trip to beautiful city of Dresden. we will come back in summer to see all the beautiful castles and landscape along the river Elbe.

On Valentine´s Day we had tickets for Beethovens Concert in the Semperoper.

Isn´t it gorgeous from inside?



Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

went to bed yesterday at 22:00.
didn´t fall asleep before 00:00.
woke up at around 2 again,
terrible headache!
fell back to sleep at 3,
alarm clock ringing at 4:30
still terrible headache.
Lady Gaga in my mind.
leaving the house at 6:45

listening comprehension: ok... i guess
filling in blanks ... good
creating sentenses from scraps: ups.. wth was that?
translation: good
writing the essay: uh oh....

heading to work: 10
back home at 20:00
still terrible headache

P.S.: Snowed all day long!

Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

*in a country where they turn back time

music: Al Stewart - Year of the cat

i love that song!

i have an idea in my mind for Mr.P´s Valentine present. But time is tooo short i fear.
Tomorrow morning i have a test to write for uni, heading straight to work afterwards, and coming back home late. Thurdsay is free and friday i am already in the train, which brings me to Mr. P.
Argh.... I need a good idea! No time for crafting, but i don´t want to buy some nonsense neither....

Montag, 8. Februar 2010


just because i like the costumes in this video:

personally, i think the song is pretty cool, but i absolutely can´t connect to the singer - there is no fire behind her performance and in her eyes.
BUT: I already have some inspirations for cute Petit Blythe dresses in my mind... :D

and because i am a huge fan of Lady Gaga:
this MV reminds me of:
1: Blythe (recognized her big eyes?)
2: Cher (the way she looks into the camera in some shots - see it?)

Freitag, 5. Februar 2010

*Tootsy & Pyppn

We have two new members in our little family!
Can you spy them? :D

Who might be *Tootsy, who might be *Pyppn?

make your own photo-fun pictures here: http://www.photofunia.com/
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