Sonntag, 31. Januar 2010

*Muffin & Kukki

*Muffin and *Kukki are modelling 2 new Puchi Blythe dresses i made.

The pink one will probably go to Sai too. I think it would fit her dark haired Petit really well.


Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

*Sweet kisses

better light, better pictures :D

*Ninette got introduced to little piggy *Rosalie today.

A little bit nervous before the first meet, she brought some flowers for *Rosalie.

As *Rosalie already stays a little bit longer with us, she decided she has to take care of *Ninette from now on.
Or will it be the other way around?


Freitag, 29. Januar 2010


You remember the two new girls in the house?
Let me introduce *Ninette to you today!
While little *Piu has a really shiny and jumpy little character,
*Ninette on the other hand is a very shy but really sweet girl.

Excuse the pictures, the lightning in the house is really bad recently and it´s often already dark outside when i come back from work...

I am not her first owner but i am happy now she´s in the house.
Someday, she will get a new face-do. i would love to see her with a light pink face-do - like sweet cotton floss - and her body probably needs some work too. But that´s all still in the future...
First of all she needs a bigger wardrobe, poor girl has only one dress so far ^_~


Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010

*Petit Valentine

Valentine is around the corner. i can´t believe how fast the first month of the new year already has gone by. i will spent the Valentines Day with Mr. P in beautiful Dresden. The weekend in Dresden was my Christmas present from Mr. P! ♥

I recently went fabric shopping in our local Quilters Store and came back with a bunch of cute new fabrics. Mostly in Pink and green, haha.... but anyway, this are great colours for spring, aren´t they?

I started sewing a little dress for Sai´s newly arrived Petit Blythe.
i made a little kitty inspired dress set for her, and another similar but more simple one for the shop.

(I hope you like it hun?!)

i also made a little Valentine dress for the tiniest girls from the new fabrics.
the fabric is a little bit thicker than the ones i normally use, so it was a little bit difficult to join the tiny pieces together. The dress comes with a headband and a little handsewn pillow made from felt ♥

available as always at It´s a Tafetta Day* ^_~


Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010


Piu was a little bit afraid at the first meet, she has never seen a Piggy before!

but they became good friends soon!

Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

*checked blue&white onepiece

i just finished another Onepiece for Blythe.
I love this fabric and i think i will buy some more.
the pattern size is perfect for blythes and its such a soft
cotton fabric, it´s wonderful to work with.
I wanted to add a wide, white crochet lace to the bottom,
but due to the lack of one, i used the black Pom-Pom trim at the end.

You can find the dress including the cute Ribbon for the hair now on It´s a Tafetta Day* @ etsy.

before i leave for today, here is a short glimpse on a new girl, who´s in the house.
Now, who might it be?


Mittwoch, 6. Januar 2010


i altered the pattern from the cream white dresses a bit and out comes this.
Do you like it?
I am planning to do more.


Montag, 4. Januar 2010

*cream white dresses

i worked on new patterns and tadaa~
these little dresses/long tops came out.
working with the fabric was just great. it is a soft cotton and has such a a lovely cream white colour with small white flowers print.
i made three of these. And although all might look similar on the first sight, they are a little bit different to each other the way i attached the little batches of antique lace on it.
They are also great for Valentine for the girls with the little heart ribbons, don´t you think?
please check out my etsy and artfire for them

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