Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010

*Petit Valentine

Valentine is around the corner. i can´t believe how fast the first month of the new year already has gone by. i will spent the Valentines Day with Mr. P in beautiful Dresden. The weekend in Dresden was my Christmas present from Mr. P! ♥

I recently went fabric shopping in our local Quilters Store and came back with a bunch of cute new fabrics. Mostly in Pink and green, haha.... but anyway, this are great colours for spring, aren´t they?

I started sewing a little dress for Sai´s newly arrived Petit Blythe.
i made a little kitty inspired dress set for her, and another similar but more simple one for the shop.

(I hope you like it hun?!)

i also made a little Valentine dress for the tiniest girls from the new fabrics.
the fabric is a little bit thicker than the ones i normally use, so it was a little bit difficult to join the tiny pieces together. The dress comes with a headband and a little handsewn pillow made from felt ♥

available as always at It´s a Tafetta Day* ^_~


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