Freitag, 29. Januar 2010


You remember the two new girls in the house?
Let me introduce *Ninette to you today!
While little *Piu has a really shiny and jumpy little character,
*Ninette on the other hand is a very shy but really sweet girl.

Excuse the pictures, the lightning in the house is really bad recently and it´s often already dark outside when i come back from work...

I am not her first owner but i am happy now she´s in the house.
Someday, she will get a new face-do. i would love to see her with a light pink face-do - like sweet cotton floss - and her body probably needs some work too. But that´s all still in the future...
First of all she needs a bigger wardrobe, poor girl has only one dress so far ^_~



  1. Ninette has this little girl lost look. Great styling!

  2. Süß, die kleine! Bin gespannt, was Du ihr nähst... ^___^

  3. @Jane: Thank you! I took me quite some time to finish her dress.... i was totally uninspired recently.. ^_^;

    @Satorare: ja, ich auch... hehe! :D


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