Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2011

*toy digi camera


*chocolate toy camera

recently i fell in love with toy cameras.
so i have waited for this sweety for over a month.
(as expected, german post office services was making me problems again)
It is strawberry chocolate sweets toy camera with key chain.
really small you can take everywhere! It is now together with my mobile phone charms.
toy cameras are quite cheep, so don´t expect high quality pictures,
but exactly this is the charming point of toy cameras.


Montag, 9. Mai 2011

*on my wishlist: Anna Depenbusch

fantastic sweet voice and a mixture of beautiful, funny, sad, exceptional songs!

a funny little lovepoem:

this one of the sadest songs i have ever heard:


Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011

*cute giveaway

just wanted to let you all know about the cute giveaway Semeeah is holding on her blog.
You can join until May 13th and win one of her cute and lovely handmade bracelets.
Please don´t forget to make her a visit here:



This is one of the rare pics of my Vinter Arden blythe doll.
Her previous name was Milka, because she has such a pale skin, but recently, as i combed her hair again and again until it was all pretty and shiny like silk, she told me her real name: Hortense.
Her haircolour so much reminds me of my late hydrangeas in the garden, which are among my favorite flowers.
unfortunately for some reason i find it very hard to take pictures of her. She went with us on our last trip, but the sun was so bright, it was nearly impossible to get a pretty picture of her already so pale skin. I feel so sad because she really is a beautiful girl and i adore her face colours.
So, this is one of the rare pictures which came out ok but still is kind of blurry.
Nevertheless, it was a beautiful and great day at the lake.
Pink is dressing Hortense really well, don´t you think?


Samstag, 7. Mai 2011

*new OF for Wanda Wonderfrog

i used the last free week in april to crochet some dresses and salopettes for wanda wonderfrogs
the dress fits as well Wanda and Middie Blythe and is a simple fit to slip in dress.

The salopettes / trousers were really fun to made. 
 The frogs eyes are little felt circles with black beads and the mouth is glued on felt applique
 marine style is always in-style in spring and summer - also little frogs want to wear in-style swimming suits!
i love the early 20´s swimmsuit style -  looks so cute on frogs :)
hope you like the new items, they are available at my etsy shop It´s a Tafetta Day* from now! :)


Montag, 2. Mai 2011

*felted sheep

as promised, i have made a few more dresses for the frogs the last week. but first, i had a long promised comission to complete:
this is the easter present for Mr. P
this sheep has been wet and needle felted. the body encloses a stone which has been wet felted, the head and everything else is needle felted and secured with a few stiches to the body. because of the weight of the stone, she is really stable to stand and can also be used as a paper weight or even as a door stopper. you can´t tell it by the picture, but she is actually quite big and heave.
the wool comes from Alpinen Steinschafen, which is an endangered and old breed of farm animals in the Alps, especially in Bavaria and Austria. i purchased them from our local farmers market.

isn´t she cute? haha! i have the feeling a whole herd of smaller sheeps will follow soon!


Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

*a day out

Mr.P and me planned a day hiking in the mountains, but weather forecast was telling rain and thunderstorms, so we decided to stay in the sun instead and went to a little excursion to the Isar.

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