Montag, 2. Mai 2011

*felted sheep

as promised, i have made a few more dresses for the frogs the last week. but first, i had a long promised comission to complete:
this is the easter present for Mr. P
this sheep has been wet and needle felted. the body encloses a stone which has been wet felted, the head and everything else is needle felted and secured with a few stiches to the body. because of the weight of the stone, she is really stable to stand and can also be used as a paper weight or even as a door stopper. you can´t tell it by the picture, but she is actually quite big and heave.
the wool comes from Alpinen Steinschafen, which is an endangered and old breed of farm animals in the Alps, especially in Bavaria and Austria. i purchased them from our local farmers market.

isn´t she cute? haha! i have the feeling a whole herd of smaller sheeps will follow soon!


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