Sonntag, 8. Mai 2011


This is one of the rare pics of my Vinter Arden blythe doll.
Her previous name was Milka, because she has such a pale skin, but recently, as i combed her hair again and again until it was all pretty and shiny like silk, she told me her real name: Hortense.
Her haircolour so much reminds me of my late hydrangeas in the garden, which are among my favorite flowers.
unfortunately for some reason i find it very hard to take pictures of her. She went with us on our last trip, but the sun was so bright, it was nearly impossible to get a pretty picture of her already so pale skin. I feel so sad because she really is a beautiful girl and i adore her face colours.
So, this is one of the rare pictures which came out ok but still is kind of blurry.
Nevertheless, it was a beautiful and great day at the lake.
Pink is dressing Hortense really well, don´t you think?


1 Kommentar:

  1. This is a gorgeous pic of the lake. Hortense is quite a character, isn't she?


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