Dienstag, 9. Februar 2010

*in a country where they turn back time

music: Al Stewart - Year of the cat

i love that song!

i have an idea in my mind for Mr.P´s Valentine present. But time is tooo short i fear.
Tomorrow morning i have a test to write for uni, heading straight to work afterwards, and coming back home late. Thurdsay is free and friday i am already in the train, which brings me to Mr. P.
Argh.... I need a good idea! No time for crafting, but i don´t want to buy some nonsense neither....


  1. i love your banner!
    i'm in the same predicament about Valentine's day! i'm still racking my brain! pls share what your ideas are :) and GL~!

  2. I love the year of the cat too!


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