Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

*Welcome 2011

Welcome 2011 and HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends :)
so, this is the first post of the new year. what will it be about? i still have some unfinished things to share from last year but, let´s start the new year with fresh greetings from Loulou and Merry from Paris!

It were some fabulous 2 days. we stayed at a friends house and so we had a handsome guide to tour us around Parisienne nightlife too :D Of course, two days are never enough for that huge city. we just walked around a little bit and watched all the famous spots from the outside. i couldn´t believe how crowded Paris is from all the tourists. Not one single place where you don´t have to wait at least about 1 hour to enter. O_o
Unfortunately, we were not lucky with the weather. The city was wrapped in a grey fog all time long and the only day we could see the Eiffel Tower in its full beauty was the first day in the morning. from then the half top was hidden under the fog. It was a great idea then to wait until the evening to climb Eiffel tower and see the city´s beautiful lights from the second level.
We will come back in Spring or Autumn next year! i want to see the city all in green!

Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011!


  1. Happy New Year! Loulou looks like a little French gal, doesn't she?

  2. What a wonderful picture to have of the Eiffel Tower and your girl!

  3. Happy New Year!
    Akemashite omedetou :)
    Very nice pictures!!


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