Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

*petit rockstar

i was not sure about her in the first.... now, i think she is adorable! Very photogenic,
she is my Petit Rock Star!

I also made a new dress set for long walks in the woods!
it is happy ladybug fabric i used (from H&M childrens section).
Akane, the red deer, will show us around.
She is at home in the deep forests

dresses available at the etsy:



  1. She rocks! I love the little side pose she did in the 2nd pic. And what a cute crossbody bag!

  2. I am loving the dolls and their hair colours and how you always do such fantastic shots with the backgrounds and well though out landscapes surrounding them.
    Love the red deer I would hate to see how much stuff you must have around you....But I love to see all you have and make the photos are always worth a second and third look

  3. thanks so much Jane, i really like the little bag too! a girl can never have enough bags, right? ,)

    thanks Jamie! Luckily, i don´t have so many of this tiny rement stuff for dolls as you might think. haha

  4. ooow... she's rock!!! really love her... :)



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