Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2010

*etsy shop tags

i just created this tag for my etsy shop orders with PSP.
Up till now, i drew them all by hand when i recieved an order from
a customer. I actually enjoy drawing them, but it´s just so time consuming.
So i decided to make some printables for the computer.
I am quite satisfied so far, let´s see how it looks on paper.



  1. I used to print my own namecards using the home printer but I discovered the ink cartridges cost so much it's a lot cheaper getting it done at the shop. But for small volume, the home printer is a better option. The tag is very cute and says Handmade.

  2. I think your tag is adorable :)

  3. Thanks so much eh... both Janes! :D

    it´s improtant for me that the tag still looks like handmade. cause that´s what it is about. :D

  4. Like your tag but I have always wondered about these tags you can get that you can sew into clothing you make they look just like big time clothing labels!


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