Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

*sewing for pluie

i have been tired recently and my muse has not been shown up for a while.
today i was trying to sew some tiny dresses for *Pluie, the tiny wonderfrog.
it was a long process, also the dresses are only about 2 cm high, it took me the
whole evening to figure out the pattern. sewing on this size was nearly impossible,
so neckline and arms are glued with fabric tac.

the brown dress was the first try. too small, can´t close it in the back and tried to sew the neckline.

second try: much better! using fabric tac for these tiny pieces is great!
only missing the closure in the back.

unfortunately making these tiny dresses is sooo time consuming. not much worth selling them. *sight* maybe i get faster with making more?
i hope so. Pluie wants a couple more dresses to go out


1 Kommentar:

  1. Sewing for tiny is way harder than sewing for big. I find the closure bit for tiny dresses the hardest to make next to the neckline/arm holes.


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