Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

*new prototype

i made a new dress for Pluie. It´s just made from leftovers and scratches, yes, even the sewing thread is recylced, hehe.
doesn´t have to look perfect though, it´s just a prototype to get the form for the dresses.

excuse the bad picture quality, it´s already quite late and no daylight left for good photos.

as you can see, she even can move her arms freely now.
It´s important for little babyfrogs to be able to do so, the are all so agile and always up to something.



  1. Süss! Ich mag das kleine Blümchen vorne auf dem Kleid. Ach, ich glaub so einen Minifrosch brauch ich auch mal...

  2. Pluie's new look is adorable. Is the "leash" part of the look? Just kidding.:)


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