Montag, 15. November 2010

*blythe meeting

bonita came for a short visit to Munic, so we met at town for a coffee and some shopping and strolling through the city with our girls in the morning.

we met those two guys advertising in front of some shop.
they were so funny!

bonita enjoys climbing in her free time.
The girls do too!! hehe
(i think Lele is more afraid than excited, lol)

indoor climbing wall in our local sports shop.

yep, this is us two. bonita has a much better picture with us and our girls,
mine is a little bit blurry.

last but not least, we went for some fabric and lace shopping!
found some lovely and soft cotton fabrics for doll sewings :D

Thanks for the lovely day bonita!
i really enjoyed it! :)



  1. I enjoyed your lovely day too! You look so cute!!! Your dolls didn't look too afraid of the monster guys. But they sure have a height phobia.

  2. Thanks, too! I was really glad that I did not have to spend the whole day alone. Thanks for the little tour around the city!

  3. Love it when you take the dolls out and get such good photos of them doing things it always makes me smile....
    and it is unusual but great to see your face and your friend both smiling and enjoying the day so it was 4 beauty's out for the day!


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