Samstag, 26. Juni 2010

*train ride a go!

Today was Merry´s first ride on a train and visit to Munich airport.
She was excited to see the outside run by so fast.

But it was also a little bit sad trip.
We brought Mr.P to the airport where we had to separate again.
He is going to Malta for 2 weeks to visit an English school and to enhance his language skills.

Tomorrow again is World Cup Tournament Germany - England.
Merry is suporting German team too!

I am not a big soccer Fan, but World Cup is always very exciting for me.
I won´t miss the game tomorrow.



  1. Merry is such a hip doll. You make her seem almost human *Tea!

  2. haha, thank you Jane! Merry is so delighted to hear that she´s "hip" :)


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