Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2010

*petit Blythes

...need petit dresses!
so i made two little dresses for the tiniest.

i went to university two times yesterday, which makes spending time in the train: around 90 minutes.
a lot of time for crocheting tiny pieces :D
for some reason the crochet piece is a little wide. i started the top part some while ago.
was it meant for someone other?
i can´t remember >_<
Luckily little Mille doesn´t care too much.

more presents?

at least for Loulou, who finally opened Alva´s swap yesterday.



  1. I'm just beginning to notice your dolls' footwear. They're so cute.

  2. haha! thank you Jane. my girls usually don´t wear any footwear, because they tend to loose them ^_^;
    Petits have them painted on.... that´s great! :D


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