Dienstag, 22. Juni 2010

*happy days

i decided to start a new project. Something i have in my mind for already a looong loooong time.
Already realized in my yearly Schedule Books since a few years now, i am writing down what made me happy every day.
It is a great way to reflect over the day again and to remind me about the little things of life, that made me smile, instead of pondering about all that wickedness.
I always wanted to get myself a Polaroid camera to realize that idea in a photographical-album, but ... well, i still don´t have a Polaroid camera, so now i decided my small Canon IXUS will have to do it.
I probably won´t post host the pictures over at flickr, because i don´t have a Pro-account and therefore i have just a limited amount of pictures i can upload there.
i also don´t know if i can realize that project every day, but i will try my best every couple o days.

watching the clouds makes me feel tiny and small under the big big sky

Merry also had a great time.
I decided to take her with me everyday from now on.
Look forward to her adventures!



  1. What an excellent idea. I often read my own blog to see where I was at certain points of my life. I look forward to seeing your images of what make you smile!

  2. Hallo!! I found you on my giveaway post!Your Japanese is pretty good! Do you have any opportunity to practice it in Munich?

  3. Hallo Missus D and thank you for your compliment.
    I study Japanese Language at University here in Munich. Opportunitys to practise outside Uni: very rare >_<,


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