Montag, 28. Juni 2010

*long waited WIPs finished

today i finally finished these two small but very different projects.
first of all: when you look at the pictures, you are not colourblind.
If you see a lot of blues and whites in the pictures,
yes, i used the same backgrounds in them. ;).
I was too lazy to change >_<;

let´s move on to the projects:
The first was a little Matryoshka stiching i started month´ ago.
but the linen was very small and since the time the stiching was finished i was wondering
what to do with it.
I finally gave up and made a simple little needle pillow. i have to admit: i had no better idea.
It now hangs on my sewing machine and is actually quite usefull there.

The second projects is this little dress for Wonder Frog Wanda and/or Alice Cherry Blossom.
The second (the second!) sleeve was missing for already quite some time.
Adding the sleeves was quite annoying and boring.
After finished i attached a little bee sticker and secured it with fabric glue.It looks quite cute on it, don´t you think?
It will be added to the shop some time this week.

last but not least, what made me choose this background is the dress from tomorrow.
i wanted to shoot some pics for the shop. Yesterday evening was already too dark in the room to get some decent pictures and colours of the dress.
Will be adding this dress to the shop too, or just sent me a message if you are interested. :D

I still think Merry looks quite cute in stripes.
Will make some more dresses in this design.



  1. I've just discovered Merry looks so cute bare footed!

  2. it makes her look tiny and fragile i think :) Cute! :D
    but it is hard to let her stand on her own without shoes :(


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