Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

*preparing for spring, pt 2

another pair of spring inspired dresses is available at my etsy shop )
i have been a good girl and my muse has kissed me again. Yay!
And it feels great to get back to crafting. i have already several things and plans in my mind and look forward to realize them soon. plus: a few not yet finished projects that wait for me.
Another positive effect: i get some dolls out to play with for whom i had not much time recently. Oh, doesn´t Middie Blythe look cute? I like those colourful dresses so much on her! Hope we can get out to play in the sun soon! 
both dresses available at my etsy store :)
 This are Pomme & Pomme, my Petworks Usaggies. They are twins and of course best friends: be together forever :) 


  1. You certainly know how to do spring well. I watched an episode of project runway all stars and the contestants doing spring outfits made it look really dowdy. Pomme & Pomme are so weirdly cute!

  2. Such sweet dresses!! So glad you have your muse back :)


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