Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

*Penelope aka Miss Maple

never heard of her you think?
that´s right, she is the new girl in the house :)
She is a Love Mission EBL Blythe.
name: pending between Penelope & Miss Maple, tending to Miss Maple though

i got her for really cheap at Ebay from a national
private auction.
i am still not yet sure if she´s for real....
but can´t think she is a fake either, i can´t find any characteristics of what is in the disscussions lately.
EBL Face type is just so different from all of my other girls! It feels like a totally different doll and makes me want a Kozy even more now!
Her nose shape is different, her eyelashes are very thin, her eyechips are a slightly different colour to all following Neos and the black inside is much bigger.
The eyelids are matt, not shiny.
Love Mission Make-up is very subtle. Her blush is nearly visible.

From the auction, she came with her box, card, stand, full outfit etc., plus the licca body she is wearing now.

I´m in love.

But: My doll family is growing insanely recently! Especially since i know that there will be some more incoming in the future. Where to stop? My biggest problem: i can´t let any of them go.



  1. I have a Love Mission too (my first doll!). Oh how I love her!

  2. Miss M does look different from other Blythe. Very intense look.


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