Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

*my superlovely BTSSB cape

i bought this cape in the Paris shop of BABY THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT.
a long dream came true... now i am officially Lolitafied ^_^;

It is very warm and soft material and has cute rabbit ears in the back, which can be removed.



  1. It's so cute. Why don't you take a pic of you in it?

  2. thanks a lot both of you! :)

    @Jane (P): i have to admit, i am really cute looking girl in it.... haha! ,)

  3. YEAH, Tea!
    I would love to see the Lolita in you wearing this unique piece .. ♥
    (the socks on their website are so adorable. Unfortunately not on me *looking at my dancing calves *lol*)


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