Freitag, 27. August 2010

*the return of the puchi muse

thanks to Pomponette, who asked me for a comissioned dress for her ACB (until we found out, that the dress was still listed on my etsy.. lol) i feel my petit muse coming back.

I havent worked on Petit Blythe dresses for quite a while it seems.
I was often looking at my fabric stash, thinking what i could do with it.... but.... nada.
not a single idea came into my mind. i think i am kinda bored from always the same fabrics, but it´s really hard to find cute and tiny printed patterns here. i am jealeous of all those people around asia, who have easy access to those wonderful craft things. ordering through the internet on the other hand is kinda annoying for me, although there are sooo sooo many beautiful fabrics to purchase. I would even travel all around the world to Japan, only to hang around in Tokyu Hands again and go on a big shopping tour.

But anyway.... i already have some new ideas in my head again!
Kukki looks so great in this lovely polka dot patterned bright yellow. bringing some summer feeling back into my everyday life which was filled with too much rain this year.

listed in the etsy* It´s a Tafetta Day*

Isn´t the little tea service just adorable? i purchased it together with the wire-chair.
It´s Reutter Porzelan dolls house miniature.



  1. The tea set is adorable. I zoomed in to see the details. It comes with a croissant!!

  2. there even is a little breakfast egg and napkin included! :D


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