Samstag, 7. August 2010

*pluie ♥s rain

a new little girl arrived....and she is tiny tiny tiny!
She ♥s rain....
Her name is Pluie. (which is french for: rain)

i crocheted the dress on the way to work and took the pictures on my way back. It was raining cats and dogs the last week, as it was on that day. packed with three bags, trying to balance my umbrella with one hand and my camera with the other hand while on my knees... i must have been a funny picture beside the street where we had our little photo shoot.



  1. Oh, the things you do for a good pic. Brilliant shoot!

  2. Cute!! Is she about 3 cm "big"?

  3. nearly 4 cm :D

    thanks you girls for your comments :D


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