Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

Hello Hello

Welcome to my blog. Ok, this is not my first blog. You can find my mainblog at I am not yet sure if i should keep this blog, if i should do crossposting (which doesn´t seem good to me), or if i should change to here. what applies most to me on is, that comments are not restricted to members-only, and that a wider variety of people use instead of VOX.

anyway, if i should stay here, this will mainly be a blog about dolls (Blythe, ACB, BJD, etc.) and zakka crafting.

i will try to complete this place in tiny steps, first of all the header have to be adjust to the right size.
Check bye to see what´s happening.

You also find me at

and pls visit also my etsy shop with cute handmade zakka for your home:


  1. Halli hallo, willkommen bei Blogger ^_^

  2. Hi Devi und vielen Dank! :D
    bin noch am überlegen ob ich von VOX hierher wechsel oder doch beide blogs behalte....
    beide ham ihre vor- und nachteile ,)
    für den Anfang gefällt mir Blogger doch schon ganz gut :D


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