Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

*mail day

so much cuteness in the post-box!
Do you see my new IPhone Case? I loo~ve it!
I also got some new stickers for my diary, a study planer for the next semester and a vocabulary book which is urgent needed for my chinese classes. it holds place for 200 sentences and over 400 words. *hooray*
with all that lovely stuff, next semester will be fun! :D



  1. I love your iPhone case! And the planner too. You're studying Chinese? Fantastic! 你好吗?

  2. Thank you Jane! When i ordered the case, i was afraid it will be a little bit too kitschy look, but holding it in hands it is just perfect!
    Ah yes, studiing Chinese and Japanese. As i started with Japanese Chinese now seems much easier to learn, but my auditory listening is terrible >_< so many unknown sounds for eruopean ears right.

  3. Oh, wie ich sie liiiiebeeeee, diese lustigen "Mädelsticker" ♥
    Das iPhone case ist wirklich sehr speziell und noch spezieller, das Du Dich mit "diesen wilden Hieroglyphen" beschäftigen wirst, um es übersetzt zu schreiben: GENIAL & schon jetzt viel Freude beim Studieren ...!


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