Freitag, 3. September 2010

*hello, i come from the land of ice ♥

but i look like a huba-buba-apple-flavored-bubblegum bubble!

my mom thinks about a name for me right now:
here are some choices:
1. Pooh - like Pooh the bear because my hair reminds of sweet honey and Pooh the bear fur.
2. Bubbles - i don´t htink i need to explain this
3. Babette - because my mom has an addiction to french names

have you seen my lovely skirt? Today is day five of "One Dolly Dress a day" and this is ODDAD #5. It is a little big wide around the waist, but it is so cute and suits me very well.



  1. Yaaay! IR is my FAVORITE. <3 I can't believe you're making a dress a day!

  2. Congrats!!!! she's so pretty, Pooh suits her, as well as Babette! :)


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