Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

*a day at the horse race

Mr.P and me had a great weekend at the horse race.
deciding on the horses and setting the bets were quite fun and we even won a few Euros.
of course we didn´t bet more than between 2 - 5 Euros each time, so losing wasn´t such a tragedy but the loot wasn´t that big neither ,)

what a funny coincidence, Jane and her hubs had the same plans for the weekend.

Merry was cheering our horses too

here comes our winner: the horse in the middle



  1. *Tea, what a coincidence! I'm happy we had fun at the races. Oh Merry is so cute holding the racing papers. Did she pick the winner? I notice yours is a day race. Mine was a night race. I wanted to take photos of the horses close-up but I was stopped by security!

  2. Yes, indeed! :D
    It ws so funny to read your post, just before i was going to post over here about my weekend ^_^
    but security wasn´t so strict here.
    actually the horses went out of the race course where i was standing and taking the pic, so we always had a good view on them to gratulate the winners.


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