Mittwoch, 26. Mai 2010

*Dear Lele Girl

She arrived!
Finally she arrived!

After long two weeks, while she was hold back by the customs,
the postman brought her on saturday morning, 9 o´clock.
Luckyly Mr. P was around. We just woke up and i didn´t want
to open the door undressed as i was, just in my pajamas....
i would have died if i had to wake another 4 long days to hold her! ^_~
I wasn´t sure about that girl when i first saw her promo pics.
Actually i participated in the lottery just for fun.
But now... she´s gorgeous!
She has the softest hair i have ever touched.
And her scent reminds me of the barbies i had, when i was still a kid.
Is that strange? Lol.

She is still missing a name though.
i thought about "Annerl".... the bavarian affectionate form for Anne.
Because she fits so perfectly into this picture i took at Königssee, a beautiful spot in the alps.
But i am not sure about it yet. will still think about some more names.



  1. She is so very, very pretty! I would love to have her too, maybe one day.

  2. Thank you! i was so lucky to win her in lottery, i can´t believe myself :D


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