Montag, 22. März 2010

*Mademoiselle Poulette Popinet

Remember the last post about PAM?
Well, she has moved into the house pretty fast (it actually only took 2 days for her to arrive).
But she is still a little bit shy, so the only existing picture of her so far is in the "Pancake House" in Hameln where we had dinner that day.

Mademoiselle Poulette Popinet, pls say hello to our friends:

That cute dress is made by Pomponette who was her previous owner.
I am glad she didn´t come all naked and the colour suits her perfectly.
She´s such a gorgeous little girl, and i am so happy she joined our family.



  1. Mademoiselle Poulette Popinet is so adorable. Is that green hair?

  2. kind of green, yes.... i don´t know the exact name of that colour ... :D
    but she has the most beautiful and soft hair i have ever seen ^_~


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