Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

*Princess for one day...

It´s been some time since the last update.
Mr. P and i spent some wonderful days together the last two month and been busy with visiting friends and rediscovering nearbye places.
But i have not been lazy or forgot about my tiny girls ,).
Two new dresses are in the shop:

I specially like how the crochet piece came out. it´s so tiny and really cute. i plan to make another one for my own girls and also to crochet some for my ACB Florentine. She should look darling in it too! :D


No music video today, but instead a link to the trailer for Avatar the Movie - Aufbruch nach Pandora
i can´t wait to see it in theatre!


  1. I just die each time I see your doll dresses. I wish I have time to make dresses for my own dolls.

  2. Thanks for those pretty words!
    i enjoy making them so much! ^_^


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