Samstag, 26. September 2009

*productive week

i have catched a cold the last days and couldn´t leave the house, so i took the chance for making more clothes for the shop and for my Petits.

I have made a similar dress of *mushrooms delights for Blythes and Pullips.
(more pictures on flickr)

If you haven´t noticed already, bu i am not only addicted to Petits lately, but also to sewing new dresses for those little girls . It´s so much fun fun fun! Try yourself!
Sooo~, here are two new dresses:
First one is just a simple one, but i loooove the fabric.

Second one is a folklore inspired dress set. i have seen a similar hairpiece somewhere before, that´s propably where i got the inspiration from, but i can´t remember the place anymore... ^_^;

All dresses are available at It´s a Tafetta Day*.
Take a look :)

That´s it for today, have a nice sunday my friends,
I will visit The Oktoberfest tomorrow, i am sooo looking forward
to wear my Dirndl again!

music: Scanner - Lowlife


  1. I can't get enough of your cute doll dresses!

  2. They are looking so lovely
    Hi this is buffet, Thank you so much for following our blog :) nice to meet you

  3. Thank you Jane! I am so glad you like them! :D

    buffet! Nice to meet you too! your designs are all so pretty and lovely, great i discovered you on the www. :D


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